Environment, Health and Safety

3T Mining's water conservation policy is recognized both by the Company’s mining and processing operations and a clean water management programme for local communities.

We are committed to protecting the environment and recognizing the relationship of our sourcing and processing operations on the local environment. We are committed toreduce our environmental impact through any operation that we carry out. Our company and its employees aim to comply with all local environmental laws and regulations and seek to minimise all environmental risk at the company’s sites. Our plant practices the concept of "reduce, recover, recycle & reuse". We have also made inroads into preserving the environment in which we operate. 

3T Mining Ltd is committed to best practices of employee health and safety and achieves excellent safety results through continuous training and development and offering free health consultations to all employees.

Safety is the first and foremost consideration in all business operations. All operations are regularly assessed by qualified persons according to three standards: Task Hazard Assessment (THA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Hazard and Operational Study (HazOp). The Company follows a system of internal audits to ensure continuous operation and minimize loss accident time.

Continued employee training and development gives employees an opportunity to develop their skills and competencies. 3T Mining Ltd believes that through knowledge and awareness employees can truly become world class. Included in the training programme are courses on fire fighting, mock drilling, welding safety, electrical safety, work in confined spaces, use of rope and lifting safely, among many others.